Genobreeding services

Genotyping or Genetic Fingerprinting

Genobreeding provides genetic fingerprinting of cannabis strains. This includes genetic fingerprint of a given strain, storing genetic fingerprint information into our proprietary database. The customer can access genetic fingerprint data which can be used for predictive breeding applications and for protecting intellectual property.

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Tissue Culture and Cloning

Genobreeding provides proprietary technology to produce disease free healthy clones by using state of the art tissue culture cloning boxes. These boxes are fully automated and capable of 3D-Digital In-Vitro Plant Tissue Culture Cloning.

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Breeding Services

Genobreeding offers state of the art conventional and modern breeding techniques to improve existing cannabis strains. Development of each variety or new strain with desirable characteristics by using Genobreeding technology cost 40,000 USD with 50% of the cost as an upfront fee and the remaining to be paid after the variety has been developed. Timeline for developing new cannabis strains range from 10-12 months.


Controlled Environmental Genomics (CEG) 

Advanced digital gene sequencing, editing, and patent pending “binary-to-biologic” 3D gene modifying and cloning propagation technology, allows plant breeders the ability to digitally clone crops with desirable traits on demand in any geographical location.  CEG’s workstation allows rapid genetic modification or hybridization, cloning, and propagation of plants with biological characteristics and post-harvest qualities to improve value, efficiency, and profitability.